Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Long Time No See

April 2013, Central Minnesota

     I had a discussion the other day with my significant other that I really should be using this more often. I realized I work much better with a deadline to hit than I do just doing things in my own time. I hadn't realized it had been so long since I have actually posted something. I'm surprised at myself that I posted nothing in 2013. I have a bunch of posts I started but never went back to finish and publish.

     It's been a busy year in my world. I delivered my rainbow last March, and she has kept me pretty fulfilled, add moving and other normal life occurrences, I've been keeping pretty busy. For those that don't know the term rainbow is often used to describe a living child after a loss. I have a post started that goes more in depth explaining terms commonly used in the loss community that I will hopefully get to finishing and publishing at another time. Now that things have calmed down and I have found somewhat a routine, hopefully I can motivate myself to get back to posting and keep giving some kind of content on a regular basis. Until then I hope all is well in your worlds, and if things aren't, I leave you with this cheesy quote; This too shall pass, it can't rain forever.

     As always, feel free to leave your thoughts, suggestions, questions, and ideas in the comments. (and I shouldn't have to throw this in, but keep it respectful please)

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